About Us

BioSpace is the digital hub for life science news and jobs.  

We provide essential insights, opportunities and tools to connect innovative organizations and talented professionals who advance health and quality of life across the globe. 

BioSpace was launched in 1985 as a directory of life science organizations. Since then, it has evolved into a thriving platform serving millions within the life sciences community. BioSpace is a small privately owned business. We are headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, though our team is across the US, Canada and beyond. 


News & Insights 

BioSpace produces daily news and features to highlight life science industry developments in research and business; reports related to compensation benchmarking, diversity, recruitment and hiring trends; and regular career advice targeted to life science professionals. We also provide a platform for life science organizations to publish press releases.  

We produce free daily and weekly newsletters, which you can choose based on your interests.  

Our annual Hotbed Maps have been an industry favorite for decades and serve as the ideal starting point for professionals wanting an overview of key life science players by region.  

Editorial Policies

The topics covered in BioSpace news articles are selected by the editorial team independent of client input. Job ads pertaining to the companies mentioned are often inserted within stories by BioSpace staff at the time of publication.

The editors at BioSpace strive for accuracy in every article we publish, but mistakes do happen. If a story contains a factual error, we will correct it and post a dated correction, clarification, or editor’s note at the bottom. If you detect an error in one of our articles, please email Managing Editor Jef Akst at jef.akst@biospace.com. Corrections are made at the discretion of BioSpace’s editorial team.



Our career platform connects the industry’s brightest talent with its most innovative organizations. Companies of all sizes across the US in multiple therapeutic areas elevate their brand and reach top industry talent on BioSpace to find higher quality candidates.   


Recruitment Services  

BioSpace Pro Recruitment Services works with life science organizations to fill critical roles across multiple disciplines and therapeutics areas.  

BioSpace organizes and hosts Talent Connect career networking events throughout the year. We also work with select partner organizations to host custom career events