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About MaxCyte, Inc.

We provide our patented, high-performance  cell-engineering platform to biopharmaceutical partners engaged in drug discovery and development, biomanufacturing and cell therapy, including gene editing and immuno-oncology. With our robust delivery platform, our team of scientific experts helps our partners unlock the potential of their products and solve development and commercialization challenges.

This platform allows for the engineering of nearly all cell types, including human primary cells, with any molecule, at any scale. It also provides unparalleled consistency and minimal cell disturbance – facilitating rapid, large-scale, clinical- and commercial-grade  cell-engineering in a non-viral system and with low-toxicity concerns. Our  cell-engineering platform is FDA-cleared, providing our customers and partners with an established regulatory path to commercialize cell-based medicines.

We are also developing novel CARMA cellular therapies for our own pipeline with our first drug candidate in a Phase I clinical trial. CARMA is MaxCyte’s novel proprietary technology for development of human mRNA-based cellular therapies to treat a broad range of diseases.

Stock Exchange: Alternative Investment Market

Stock Symbol: MXCT


At MaxCyte, we take a collaborative partnering approach with our clients with the goal of rapidly driving our partners’ development efforts forward through to commercial use, more cost-effectively and with lowered risk. We have developed and commercialized MaxCyte Scalable Transfection Systems for high-performance delivery of biomolecules using Flow Electroporation ® Technology, a proprietary cell-engineering technology designed to meet the stringent demands of clinical use ­– namely, the ability to safely and reproducibly modify primary human cells with high efficiency, low cytotoxicity, and at the scale required to treat patients.

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