Smart & Sustainable Farming

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Shaping the future of sustainable farming.

With our roots on the farm, we believe agriculture can, and must, be a core part of the solution for the way we grow food. We are putting sustainability at the heart of operations to help strengthen food and agricultural systems to safeguard our future.

At McCain, taking action means being smart and sustainable in the way we grow our raw agricultural ingredients and produce our products. It’s a process that starts with the soil and our commitment to regenerative agriculture.

Working directly with our 3,500 farmers, McCain continues to build farm resilience, enhance soil health and yields in the long term, drive innovation and provide technical and financial assistance to our farming partners to implement and develop regenerative agriculture practices.

Key 2022 Highlights.

Smart & Sustainable Farming Spotlight...

Hear from our
President & CEO.

Our President & CEO of McCain Foods, Max Koeune, shares his thoughts and reflections on why focus on sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture are essential to leave a legacy for future generations.

Advancing Regenerative Agriculture.

Given the increasingly unpredictable climate, the shift towards smart and sustainable farming practices and the use of renewable energy on farms is vital. Our Regenerative Agriculture Framework has been developed to support best practice, based around six key principles.

Farms of
the Future.

We are investing in three McCain Foods owned and operated Farms of the Future to advance sustainable farming practices and explore innovative agricultural  technologies.

We currently have two active Farms of the Future in Canada and Africa.

Our Smart & Sustainable Farming Commitments.

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Sustainability Report.

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